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Result published of CSE 7th sem of RUET

The result has published of CSE 07 series of RUET today. The result is availabe in the dept notice board.



RUET will be open

The class will be started again 01 april 2012 at RUET. In 16th march, the RUET have closed for killing one student by BCL..




Android is a Linux based Operating System(OS) for mobile devices which is urbanized by Open Handset Alliance led by Google. It is one of the most widely used mobile OS. Day by day its popularity is increasing rapidly all over the world. Its have millions of application on the online.


Lab report on digital signal processing (dsp : CSE714) Download.


Chalkalam, the name of my village where i was born. It is situated at Mohanpur Upozila of Rajshahi district.This village have one primary school where i was study at primary level. It has also a beautiful mosque.Most of the people of the village are farmer,besides there are also business man,teachers.Main crops of this village is rice,besides potatos are also produced more..


This is a simple blog…


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Welcome to my personal Blog. This is a simple blog.